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Buckle Collar in "Blue Paisley"
Buckle Collar in "Blue Paisley"
Buckle Collar in "Blue Paisley"

Buckle Collar in "Blue Paisley"

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 Stunning Liberty print Tana Cotton Lawn buckle collar.

Sophistication defined!  This gorgeous paisley print in perfect for all the seasons and really pops.

Collar comes on blue webbing as standard, but would also look good on black.  Let us know your preference!

*Matching leads, harnesses and accessories available*

If you're looking for bespoke sizing or have any questions, please email us at

Collar shown in photograph is Large (Standard).

Our sizes:

Extra Large (Wide) (Size: 21”-29”; width: 38mm) *Black buckle only*

Extra Large (Standard) (Size: 21”- 29”; width: 25mm)

Large (Wide) (Size: 16”- 22”; width: 38mm) *Black buckle only*

Large (Standard) (Size: 16 ”- 22”; width: 25mm)

Medium (Size:  11”-17”; width: 25mm)

Small (Size: 10"-14"; width 20mm)

Extra Small (Size: 8”-12”; width: 15mm)

Tiny (Size: 7"-10"; width: 10mm).  Ideal for our smallest four-legged friends and  puppies. *Black buckle only*

Don't forget that, as our collars are all handmade, the placement of the fabric will always differ slightly from that shown in the photograph/s above.