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Buckle Collar in "Glacier"
Buckle Collar in "Glacier"
Buckle Collar in "Glacier"

Buckle Collar in "Glacier"

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Gorgeous handmade cotton buckle collar.

This bright blue fabric is a modern masterpiece.  With shard-like shapes and gold accents, it reminds us of a glacier.  Perfect for a cool day and a cool dog!

*Matching leads, harnesses and accessories available*

Collar comes on black webbing as standard.

If you're looking for bespoke sizing or have any questions, please email us at

Collar shown in photograph is Medium.


Our sizes:

Extra Large (Wide) (Size: 21”-29”; width: 38mm)

Extra Large (Standard) (Size: 21”- 29”; width: 25mm)

Large (Wide) (Size: 16”- 22”; width: 38mm)

Large (Standard) (Size: 16 ”- 22”; width: 25mm)

Medium (Size:  11”-17”; width: 25mm)

Small (Size: 10"-14"; width 20mm)

Extra Small (Size: 8”-12”; width: 15mm)

Tiny (Size: 7"- 10"; width: 10mm).  Ideal for our smallest four-legged friends and puppies.

Don't forget that, as our collars are all handmade, the placement of the fabric will always differ slightly from that shown in the photograph/s above.